The Need of/for Sanctuary

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When the Need of Sanctuary was coming through, it came it little bits at a time. It’s still coming, actually. Because of it’s enormity of scope, I will have to re-assess how I am to deliver the needs. It’s a great learning process.

The Need of/for Sanctuary is, I am told, an ‘umbrella’ need that encompasses a lot of other needs. It is about Safety and Security, indeed, and it is also about Protection. But, is it about fear? And what about the Law of Attraction? If I focus on that which I need for Sanctuary, and the feelings that arise when I’m not in a place of Sanctuary, will I be attracting that which is non-peaceful and dangerous to me?

Absolutely not. That is the message I am getting.

Whenever I focus on a need, I only need to focus on the need, and not on any fear.

If I have a fear of being hurt — let’s say, get into a car accident more specifically — then I could indeed manifest that if I look at the ‘hurt’ side, the “accident” side, etc. If I focus on the need of staying well, and focus on how I can do that in every moment of every experience in my life, that is how I can affect change — for myself, for others, and for the world.

I will be taking a look at a lot of the ways a person MAY be affected in the opposite way. I will look at how the needs within Sanctuary come forward — ie the need to Trust, the need for Peace, etc.

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  1. Interesting topic Susan.

    I have a very large need for Sanctuary. Part of that is just BEING ALONE with me, myself and I. I somehow have the need to be free to LISTEN to Spirit…..and to just BE.

    I have this feeling that once I am further along in my journey, I will be able to feel that freedom and that connection to Spirit even with hundreds of people around me.

    It is almost like having this cool secret….. God is with me all the time and we can chat and giggle together no matter who is around me……I love it!

    Blessings to all those who have a need for sanctuary…no matter what that sanctuary looks like.

    Barbara Marie

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