The Need for Silence

Posted By admin on Nov 4, 2009 | 2 comments

In the Silence, there is a stillness.  The vibrations in the air are different — softer, somehow.  No sound reverberating through my energy body.  No sound in my physical presence.  No sound in my external environment.  No sound in my mind.  Silence.  I need Silence.

When I first had my daughter ever-so-many-moons ago, we could not live in the place where she was conceived, as they did not allow children.  So, we went looking for child-friendly accommodation, and the only reasonable accommodation we could find was a 2-bedroom apartment situated near the downtown of a big city, 1/2 block away from an ambulance station.  We had no idea how this would affect our lives.  Ambulance sirens whirred away at all hours of the day and night, and we just got used to it.  My baby slept right through anything.  I was quite amazed.

Then, after two years, we moved into our own house.  This house was on the very outskirts of the city — I mean, VERY outskirts.  We were the very last house at the city limits, backing onto a farmer’s field, that then led to an army airstrip.  When it was silent, which was really often, it was deafening.  I finally understood that term – silence can be deafening.  I actually had something happen to my ears when there was virtually no sound at all — not the wind, not a car, not a dog barking, no aircraft flying over — nothing.  Nothing.

I think it took us longer to adjust to the silence than it did to the ear-piercing noises we had before.  How strange, I thought.  How very strange.  And yet, after that, wherever I moved, I noticed sound so much more.  I noticed how I closed the windows more wherever I was in order to get away from it.  I noticed how MUCH sound there was — and the noise pollution that was all around.  Whether it was the quiet hum of an appliance, or a roaring thunderstorm — both seemed to affect me no matter what.

In the current busyness of my home life, with so many of us together, it’s hard to meet my need for Silence.  Even if I go to my bedroom for the evening — to read or whatnot — I can’t seem to escape the noises of a busy household.  And I realize that periodically, it is so very important that we have it.  So very important.

Sit in silence, if it’s available to you, and you’ll ‘get’ what I mean.


  1. Silence….hm mmmm you are right Susan.

    There is silence and there is quiet…….a little different from each other I think.

    I am now seeing that it is quiet that I like…. silence is a bit too quiet hahahahahaha

    I had total silence here once at the farm and it was down right eery! Quiet is good! hahahaha (That was the time I was able to manifest a flock of birds just to stop the total silence…that is another story for another time! )

    Blessings to all,
    Barbara Marie

  2. Silence is Golden. There is nothing more satisfying to me than absolute stillness.. i can not understand why people hate it so much!

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