The Need for Space

Posted By admin on Nov 4, 2009 | 1 comment

Piggybacking on the Need of/for Time, I am now working with the energy of the Need for Space.  This need was gifted to me during a point in my life when I was taking back my time, but kept getting interrupted.  Or, I would have my time, but there would be so much stuff going on around me, I felt I couldn’t think.  If I can’t think, I can’t write.  If I can’t think, I can’t plan.  If I can’t think, I can’t progress.  At least, in my Relationship with my Mind, I believe that to be true.

So, even though I took back my time, I didn’t have the space to make the things happen that I wanted to in my life.

When I’m in the kitchen, I need the space to bring to Completion what I started.  In general, I need the Space to get things done.  I need the physical Space between other beings and myself in order to feel Sanctuary.  I need the mental Space to keep myself focused on a project.  I need the emotional Space to process anything moving through me.  I need the spiritual Space to connect to source and the higher part of myself.  I need Space.

Since all the needs tie in with one another, I don’t think you’ll be surprised by the next ones coming up.

Find your space.  Maybe that’s a little room in your house that no one else uses; maybe it’s a spot out in nature that feels really wonderful; maybe it’s an office that you can close the door to.  Find your space.  It’s really, really important that you do.

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  1. Susan this reminds me of the chair outside near the cats and kittens that I use to connect with Spirit…and the direction WEST.

    I have come to call it my MAGIC THRONE!!!!

    During the spring and early summer I committed to a 40 day Quantum Leap in my Spirituality. I would go to the wooden lawn chair with a high back and arm rests, atleast once a day. It faced west which I found out later in the Native culture, is connected to INTROSPECTION… how perfect!

    I had many, many Divine Revelations using that “throne”. In the evening the sun sets were breath taking! I was able to receive so many messages and I did, truly, receive that Quantum Leap!!!!

    Love to all,
    Barbara Marie

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