The Need of/for Completion

Posted By admin on Nov 4, 2009 | 2 comments

As usual, this need kind of snuck up on me.  There I was, busy as a bee, doing-doing-doing all day long, not realizing the ‘what’ in the doing.  I realized that some things seemed never-ending, such as keeping up with the maintenance of the household when there are two beings we caregive, and three other adults in the house.  What I didn’t realize was — nothing was coming to Completion.

My household duties were never complete, my babysitting duties seemed never-ending, and nothing was ever in it’s place.  None of my projects were moving forward, action steps taken were not addressed by the other side, and I felt things spinning out of control.

When I sat in the energy of this (after a good cry, of course!) I realized — I need Completion!  I need to see an end to each and every action that I’m taking, and an ending to everything I start.  I need to see others completing as well – a type of accountability for their initial actions.  I also need to stop completing things for others — which has been causing a drain in my energy.

I didn’t realize, until that moment, that I needed to see the crumbs cleaned off the counter when someone in the house decided to make a sandwich without a plate.  I needed to see a dish moved from being used, to being cleaned, to being put back in it’s place.  I didn’t realize, until just then, how many times per day I needed, and still need, Completion!!

I questioned this need because of the relationship factor.  Did I need to see an ending to my relationship?  The intuitive response was – no.  What I need to see is a confirmation of the continuation of the relationship, and THAT brings Completion!  Each time my relationship status is confirmed, I feel a sense of Completion.  With Completion comes relief.  With relief, comes a respite from stress.  And all of this leads to a healthier existence.

Completion.  Who da thunk?  🙂


  1. Greetings Susan,

    I am glad I found this post. It reminds me of ME! The lesson I learned about this was actually from a business course that I took with Marguerite Mongan, the Brilliant Breakthroughs coach.

    I learned that I had a lack of committment to completion. Every now and then I need to re-committment to completing things.

    For example: Everyone Monday when I do laundry I need to committ to its completion….as in put it all away once it is cleaned and dried. I need to committ DAILY it seems..hahahah… to doing the dishes to completion. I have this habit of washing them and then letting them air dry. I know that I feel so much better when I wash and dry them and put them away.

    These regular committments seem to be helping me.

    Thank you Susan for posting this.
    Thank you Maggie for the committment lesson!

    Blessings to all,
    Barbara Marie

  2. Wow! This is my life, too! I suppose it’s something to do with trying to keep everything under control, orderly, and safe. After being a mom for over 27 years, this scenario is rather infused in your being. But, I see the problem with doing too much, as well; you never really finish things to satisfaction. I’m tired of doing that. My thing is making changes when I get bored or don’t finish projects.

    I do know that awareness is the first step to making change. Now, getting everyone else in house on board is another story!

    Thanks for this post!


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