The Need for Systems

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Again, in my very busy life, I continue to find myself in a space of  ‘non-sanctuary’ during many moments of my day — whether my physical body is rebelling, or my thoughts are running amuck, or chaos seems to be the norm, whatever.

So, I sat with this in the last couple of weeks to see what I wasn’t getting — what need, or needs, were not being fulfilled at this time?  Ah, yes… I need a SYSTEM.  I need multiple SYSTEMS to get things to a state where I am in Sanctuary.

I need a System when I arise in the morning — preparing for the busy-ness of the day ahead.  I need a System in place to work with the baby’s schedule (since I caregive my grand daughter).  I need a System in place to care for the house, at the same time I am caring for the child and myself.  I need a System to take myself to the grocery store (Step 1 – make a list, Step 2 – find transportation, Step 3 – figure out what time of day is best to go, etc., etc.) .  I need a System to take care of my physical needs.  I need a System to nuture my relationship with my partner.  I need System where I can see progress in my spirit-led work.  I need Systems.

Wow…previous to that moment, I had no conscious realization that I needed Systems!  I knew I needed to be proactive — that was a word in my daily existence.  I knew I needed to plan sometimes, and indeed prepare.  But I hadn’t put it all together, and called it what it really was — which is… I need Systems.

Now that I have this conscious awareness, I am working on the creation of these Systems for each task I want to accomplish, each problem I need to solve, and every need I feel is currently unmet.

I also just recalling learning about the word “systemize” when I was taking a self-employment course.  The business coaches recommended that we all systemize, and then document, all the processes within our business, so that another person could just walk in and take over, if they had the documentation clearly written and close by to assist them.  It just makes so much sense, then, that I would do this for my personal life as well.  Maybe I won’t be able to document everything (why would I want to — it’s my system, for me), but I can still implement them.

I’m finding this whole idea of Systems really exciting, and if I choose to implement this one concept in my life, I really feel it will make a huge difference.  This is terrific!

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