The Philosophy

The foundational concept of the philosophy of Divine Parenting is that when we are consciously aware of our needs, and have the means to meet them, our projections onto others will be lessened or eliminated, and the way we see ourselves, others and the planet will shift.

Projection is one cause of abuse and violence.  When we reduce or eliminate the projections, and come from a place of compassion and understanding, our relationships with everyone and everything will change.  To reduce our projections, if we choose to ask ourselves what we are feeling in that moment, then taking it to – what am I needing in this moment – we have a better understanding of what has arisen in us, and why.  Realizing that our projections onto others is ‘our stuff,’ and taking ownership of that, is the gift that we can give to those we are in relationship with.

Here is the core essence of the program:

The Concept
The Divine Parenting concept is this — find out what the needs are, find out where the need is sourced from (either biological, emotional, etc.), find the many ways to meet that need, and also find out what happens if that need is ‘overmet.’ That is the concept.

The Initiative
The initiative is this — telling other people about this information, and taking action to ensure the need gets met. “When the children’s needs are TENDED TO…” then the world will change. A very simplistic perspective of the program, but complete in revealing the essence.

Where do we start?
We start with Self-Parenting firstly. We will look at ourselves, and what needs we have, because when we have our needs met, we are healthier, more peaceful and less likely to project our ‘stuff’ onto others.